Testing Procedures

Before testing your alarm system first notify Minuteman Security by calling 1-866-491-3400 this will get you directly into the monitoring facility. One of our staff will ask for you account number and a password, once you have been verified as to who you are, you will be asked as to how we may help you, inform the operator that you wish to conduct a test of your alarm system and approximately how long you intend to test i.e. 10 minutes… 30 minutes… an hour… etc.


This is why an accurate test of your system is necessary in order to eliminate confusion in the event an actual real alarm does occur. For those who have sirens outside your home it would be a good idea to notify your neighbors that you are testing and not to be worried when they hear your siren. Testing under these conditions would be best being done during the day so as not to annoy anyone trying to sleep. Remember your neighborhood watch also is as important as your alarm system, keep your neighbors informed as to watch for any strange vehicles in the neighborhood as well as solicitors who may or may not be who they claim to be.


Arm your system and instead of leaving, stay inside and wait until your system has armed itself, usually only takes about 30 to 60 seconds depending on your exit time. Once your systems has armed then go to a window or door that is not designated as a entry/exit and open them one by one, if you have motion sensors, walk in front of them to test these also, once you have finished, go and turn your system off. Call Minuteman Security again and give them your account information again and ask what signals were received. The operator will give a zone description as well as what type alarm signal was received, make sure that everything you tested was received, do not be alarmed if all your signals were not identified as to what you show on your keypad’s description of zones, some alarm installers have to double up on windows and doors to fit them on the zones your alarm system can handle.