10 Reasons to Choose Our Night Depository

Selecting the right night depository model is a crucial step in ensuring the security and service of your financial institution. Even the best model is only worth as much as the quality of its installation. At Minuteman Security in Round Rock, TX, we offer the most advanced depository options to keep your assets and clients secure. Allow our two decades of experience serving the Austin community to benefit you.

10 Reasons to Choose Our Night Depository

Your banking operations rely on choosing durable and reliable hardware. Night depositories protect you and your clients when no one is watching: therefore, it’s imperative that you install only the most high-quality model.

Elite materials are only part of the equation when selecting the best depository for your financial institution’s needs. There are many other factors to consider, including:

  • Installation expertise
  • Security solutions knowledge
  • Customized support
  • Methodical testing practices
  • Community reputation

Choosing our night depository offers substantial benefits that set it apart from competitors. Each benefit keeps you and your clients safe from attack and tampering.

1. U.L. Security Tested and Bank Protection Act Approved

Our model meets or exceeds all conditions for the Standard 771 Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) label after rigorous testing. U.L. tests confirm that this model passes all attack tests, including those with mechanical tools and elaborate fishing and trapping techniques.

As the largest and most respected independent non-profit safety and quality testing laboratory in the world, a U.L. label brings added security to your investment. The U.L. deems this model suitable for after-hours deposits when adequately installed. Proper installation practices for this unit include having an acceptable chest and alarm protection.

One of the most significant reasons to choose Minutemen Security for your depository needs is that we come with the experience necessary to keep your depository compliant with U.L. labeling.

2. Most Secure Deposit System Available

You receive a product with superior craftsmanship and advanced materials. Our model has a first-class, polished stainless steel exterior that requires little attention to maintain a sleek and professional appearance. You need not spend excessive time polishing or cleaning the surface of the unit, because the materials keep it looking fresh use-after-use.

A premium U.L.-listed heavy-duty corrugated pin tumbler lock secures the bag opening for heightened reliability. The corrugated pin tumbler lock, also known as a radial or ace lock, is a locking mechanism that uses pins of varying lengths to prevent tampering. Keys are not removable before the compartment is closed and locked to prevent locking keys in the unit.

You have two outer housing options with this depository unit. You may choose an outer housing unit made for grout applications or groutless applications, depending on the preferences of your institution. Please contact us for a consultation for more information regarding the exterior application options.

3. Accommodates All Your Deposit Needs

Our depository unit has you covered. We provide night depositories for daily money drops, product drops, such as with pharmaceuticals, time delay safes, or after-hours drops for retailers or convenience stores.

This depository fits envelopes and bags and has a receiving chest. The large capacity bag compartment allows for a full 7-inch by 11-inch deposit, and one door provides access to the envelope and bag functions.

4. Access Is at Your Command

You can access the envelope opening without a key for quick depositing. The large-capacity bag opening requires a key. Only after the key enters the lock on the depository frame will the bag opening expose. You receive twenty-five individual keys with each unit to keep access in your control.

5. Commitment to Excellence

Dependability matters. When you choose a depository with Minuteman Security, you receive the highest product quality available along with unparalleled experience and service. We have over 40 years of cumulative experience and product knowledge. For over twenty years, we have served the Austin community and earned a reputation for excellence.

We possess a Texas Department of Public Safety Class C License and have licensing for alarms, video, security, and consulting. We also have over 2 million dollars of insurance backing. We offer an extensive range of bank equipment installation, and technical services to keep your business secure.

With us, you receive around the clock specialized attention, custom care, and experience installation and consultation.

6. Ergonomic Design for Your Customers

Your customers will thank you for the ease of use. Our depository model offers unique features that allow for more ergonomic client interaction. The distinctive receptacle design delivers smooth forward movement for deposits into the receiving safe, which eliminates jams and damaged currency or paperwork.

The recessed exterior frame door has an inbuilt hard, flat surface to allow for ample writing space for your customers. The frame also features a non-stop lighting unit that illuminates the exterior face of the safe at all times. The continuous lighting feature provides client comfort when operating the depository and another layer of security against potential tampering.

The unit’s weather-protected forms compartment keeps paperwork sheltered from the elements and securely fastened in place to save you time and money. You never must worry about cleaning up a paper mess after storms or inclement weather.

7. Convenient Alarm Attachment Feature

Connecting your depository to an alarm is simple. The design incorporates an alarm contact switch for a seamless alarm system hookup. Installing an alarm ensures instant detection in the event of tampering or a forced removal attempt.

When experienced professionals attach your unit to an alarm, it protects it from tampering fully. We offer a full range of alarm systems and other security options to keep your depository live and safe. If you have an alarm already in place, we can assess your equipment to determine if it will function with your new hardware. We’ll discuss your alarm system options in detail during your consultation.

8. Built for Streamlined Servicing

You won’t have to endure extended wait times during any necessary servicing. This model has a proprietary attaching method that allows for swift servicing without compromising any security. Should you choose to replace the model, the unit has easy access to replacement options for qualified technicians.

9. Trusted Testing Procedures

We provide time-proven testing procedures after each installation we make. We understand the importance of securing your business assets and customers. Our testing protocol has a step-by-step approach to guaranteeing the success of your night depository installation. You gain a depository with optimal performance, and we earn your confidence. We design our extensive testing protocol to identify potential problems before they happen.

10. You Always Receive Customized Service

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your depository installation. We understand that all institutions are different and have different security requirements. Our commitment to you includes the courtesy of customized service for all the security systems we provide.

Our expert security solution team brings exceptional awareness of the challenging situations that may present themselves during installation. We are more than prepared to tackle any obstacle to deliver excellent results.

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If you are in the market for a new or replacement night depository unit, go with security systems specialists you can trust. We have continuously served residential, business, and financial institution clients throughout the region for over 20 years. Contact Minuteman Security today to schedule a consultation.

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