Need a Safe Deposit Box Drilled or Moved in Central Texas? Minuteman Security Can Help

Security is the number one priority of banks, and it’s important to have a professional, reliable, and knowledgeable service on your side if you have an issue with a safe deposit box. As with any business, maintenance and repair work is critical to your ability to provide service at the level your clients demand.

When you have a problem with a vault or a safe deposit box, the need for security means you can’t just call up the first handyman that appears in a search result. Minuteman Security in Round Rock, TX is your solution to all your safe deposit box maintenance and repair needs.

Secure Safe Deposit Box Drilling and Repair

Even though a deposit box is not opened or used regularly, hinges, doors, and locks are still subject to degradation over time. Regular maintenance and repair work is critical to ensuring your business can deliver on its promise of security. Trust is a vital component for all businesses, but it is especially critical for banks, and anything that puts a strain on that trust can have a debilitating effect. Customers need to have the peace of mind that all their items of value are in a secure location and subjected to the most rigorous standards of security at all times.

At Minuteman Security, we understand every aspect of deposit box repair, from the technical issues to the multiple layers of security that surround our workspace. When your clients see that Minuteman Security is handling the repair work on your boxes and vaults, it will only add to their overall confidence in your institution. Here are the situations where we can be an asset to your business:

Drilling Locks

Sometimes circumstances arise which make it necessary to drill into a deposit box. These reasons might include lost keys, nonpayment of rental fees, or court order, among other things. Before drilling begins, it’s always important to verify that your institution has the legal authority to conduct the activity. Inappropriate drilling or drilling that takes place before other means of entry are adequately explored, can lead to significant consequences for your institution.

Because of the delicate nature of deposit boxes and the assumed importance of the materials contained within, box drilling requires certain precautions that are unnecessary for other forms of drilling. We can provide the assurance of drilling into your box in a way that is guaranteed not to cause any damage to the box’s contents or in any way damage any adjacent boxes. Also, our procedure is not excessively loud and will not result in any disruption to the regularly scheduled activities of your bank.

All banks can save themselves a considerable amount of time and headache by contracting with a security professional the first time to assure the job is done correctly. You don’t want to hire a service that causes inadvertent damage to adjacent boxes which requires you to make a series of embarrassing phone calls. Minuteman Security will get your box drilled correctly and securely, and we’ll have the workspace in pristine working order in no time.

Lock Replacement

Your institution’s set of deposit boxes is a critical source of revenue for your business. When a box is drilled, it is the financial equivalent of owning a rental property that is sitting vacant. We understand your need to get the lock replaced as quickly as possible so that your box can be put back into circulation and continue to bring in returns for your institution.

Our drilling procedure helps ensure that we can quickly install a new, functional, and secure lock. We pride ourselves on our proficiency, and we understand your need for getting the work done with discretion and efficiency.

Relocating Boxes

We are your one-stop-shop for all your box, vault, and security needs. A relocation could happen for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re expanding into a larger space or consolidating the deposit boxes from several branches into a central location. Proper relocation requires stringent planning and precise execution. Our security parameters ensure that your deposit boxes will be protected and accounted for as they transition to a new location.

If you are doing a massive transition of an entire deposit box system, our assistance will be invaluable. We are experts in everything vault related from security to minor repairs, and this allows you to employ only one relocation service to assist in the transition. Our teams are able to work in concert with each other like a single organism, which eliminates the interference created when you have to hire separate maintenance and security teams.

A single point of contact is always the most secure and efficient means of interaction. With Minuteman Security, we make it a point of pride to eliminate the chaos and confusion that leads to vulnerability in a massive relocation job. We provide an unmatched level of security that will integrate and support your existing systems better than any other service on the market.

Flood and Natural Disaster Assistance

Even the best-laid plans often encounter obstacles that were impossible to predict. Extreme weather or other natural disasters can be catastrophic to a bank. Unscrupulous individuals understand that the confusion of a flood or natural disaster can make a bank vulnerable, and they act quickly to capitalize on the circumstances. We monitor situations and have actionable plans that we can immediately put into effect to ensure your institution is fortified in the aftermath of unexpected adversity.

Insurance will cover the natural damage, but no amount of insurance can restore customer trust. Floods and natural disasters can cause structural damage to boxes, and quick action must be taken to prevent and minimize the damage done to secured items. In the event of a natural disaster, we can come to your aid, minimize the damage, and restore security to help you get back on your feet and operating at full capacity with minimal interruption. Your clients have picked you because you’re the best, and we make it our mission to help you preserve that perception.

Your Solution to All Your Maintenance and Repair Needs

In a very real sense, our nation is our economy, and banks are the foundation of civilized society. When people get the sense that their assets are at risk, their behavior deteriorates, and we take great pride in the contribution we make to ensuring the continued growth and stability of our country.

A problem with a deposit box can be one of those minor issues that can evolve into a major concern. It’s our hope that our service can provide you with peace of mind, knowing any lock or maintenance issue can be resolved immediately.

Trust and reputation are as important in our business as they are in yours, and for that reason, we hope it’s clear that we fundamentally understand the needs and expectations of our clients. We can handle all maintenance, relocation, and repair work, and we do it in a way that is discrete, efficient, and secure. Contact Minuteman Security today to discover how we can provide you with the peace of mind and the sense of security you and your clients deserve. For help with, or questions about, safe deposit boxes, call Robert at (800) 913-1237.

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