The 13 Essential Things You Need From a Security Company

Security is about more than merely protecting your assets. It’s about protecting your employees, members of your family, and those you care about. The MinuteMan Security company has been helping Austin-area businesses and homes safe for more than 20 years, and it’s a good example of implementing the important things that you need from your security company.

Why You Need a Security Company

Did you know that more than half of convicted burglars said they would avoid a home that had a security system, yet only around 17% of homes have one? There are so many ways that security companies can offer benefits above and beyond what you can supply for yourself.

For example, have you ever forgotten a passcode to a very important home alarm, or, if you’re a bank employee, did you forget the combination to a safe? Or perhaps you remembered the combination, but it didn’t work for some reason?

Many have fallen prey to outdated and unreliable equipment, the absence of 24/7 active monitoring, and obsolete and broken equipment. These are several cases where a company that specializes in both home, business, and bank security can be very beneficial.

13 Essential Things You Need From a Security Company

When selecting a security company, the stakes are higher than they are for selecting a different service. The quality of the company can have direct implications for your property and your family or employees.

1. Advanced Technology

Security companies should be able to offer you state-of-the-art technology that is both comprehensive and discreet. By using real-time recorded video, some companies have been able to help police apprehend burglary suspects. A reputable security system utilizes technology as its cornerstone to support many other services.

Are you considering hiring a security company? If so, ask them about their technological capabilities. Do they have cameras that begin recording when an alarm sounds? Is their equipment up-to-date? Are their technicians experienced and professional?

2. 24/7 Monitoring

Technology is essential, but there’s no substitute for 24/7 monitoring. An alarm is important, but what is even more vital is having someone available to launch a response and contact the police or emergency personnel when they are most needed.

Most reputable companies will have a central command hub where they can consistently survey the areas monitored and dispatch help efficiently and quickly.

3. Certification and Credentials

You should always check that the security company is certified and credentialed. This means that it has met stringent requirements and has been found to offer a high degree of service coupled with reliability.

4. Reliable Technicians

The equipment must be installed correctly and with optimal placement in order to be effective. In many cases, this comes down to the experience and skills of the technician who is assigned to your home or business.

Good technicians have received extensive on-the-job training, and many also have taken courses in electronics and electrical installation coursework. They have the experience necessary to make sure every part of your security system is working correctly and placed to provide the most effective security.

5. Customized Structures

Security is not a “one size fits all” business, and one of the most essential things you need from home security is customized features. Many less reputable companies will simply supply generic equipment to homes or businesses without first completing an evaluation of what would be the most effective solution.

Your company should always craft a security plan that includes both indoor and outdoor cameras, smart home devices, and other security essentials.

6. Reliable Testing Protocols

There is no room for error when it comes to security systems. You must be sure everything is in working order before the monitoring can truly begin. You need to have a company that has reliable testing procedures to be sure that all equipment is in ideal working order.

7. Stellar Customer Service

Working with a company to provide security for your home or business is a long-term venture. It’s an ongoing relationship where you are depending upon the expertise of another to keep you and the ones you love safe. The way a business treats its customers is a clear example of its work ethic, abilities, and competency.

You should ask yourself: Is the company always available to speak with me? Do they return calls in a prompt manner? Do they answer my questions to my satisfaction? If you are receiving anything less than 5-star service, you should consider another company.

8. Experience That Aligns With Need

Do you have a farm in the country? If so, your security needs are going to be different from someone who needs help watching over a warehouse in the middle of the city. Make sure the security companies you are considering have experience in the area where you need help.

Don’t be afraid to ask them about their areas of specialty. Remember, one of the most essential things is to ensure that the company will be able to perform the duty in the specific facet that is necessary.

9. Security As the Primary Focus

There are companies that add security as a bonus feature or as an add-on to enhance other features. One of the essential things that you need is a company that specializes solely in security. This ensures that you’ll get quality service and their undivided attention.

10. An Excellent Reputation

Has the company been recommended to you by someone you know? Did you check its online reviews?

It’s important that the company you select has a glowing reputation, as this is often a direct reflection of its standard of service and business ethics. It may also help to check online reviews as well from sites such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp!

11. An Established Business

If the company goes out of business, it can leave both you and your business in a lurch. When considering security companies, look for ones that have been in business for a while and have stood the test of time.

Remember, the amount of time the company has been in business directly correlates to their experience.

12. A Good Location

While the marketplace is full of online security companies, one that is local will have certain advantages. For example, not only will the business be able to easily send out technicians when needed, but they may be aware of the unique geographical features of the area and have specific knowledge about any security issues or concerns that are happening in the region.

13. A Clear and Transparent Contract

In many cases, you’ll need to sign a yearly contract with the company, so it’s important that the terms of the contract are outlined clearly and carefully. Be sure to ask about any additional extras or fees and make certain that you know if the contract automatically renews or not.

MinuteMan Security Has Been Providing Stellar Services for Austin for Decades

MinuteMan provides extensive services, including installation, 24/7 monitoring, and access to only the highest quality equipment. Whether you need a new home security system or you need bank equipment, contact MinuteMan today and see why we’ve been the company of choice for so many in the region for years.

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