The 4 Step Process to Getting Commercial Safes for Your Business

You’ve worked hard to establish a profitable business. Now it’s time to ensure that all your hard-earned assets are protected. According to a recent report released by the FBI, there were 1,230,149 instances of burglary in the USA in 2018. Having proper commercial safes is mandatory when it comes to reducing risk and liability. At Minuteman Security in Round Rock, TX, we can walk you through the process of getting them.

The 4 Step Process to Getting Commercial Safes for Your Business

Step 1: Decide Which Kind of Safes You Need

The first step towards getting your safes is to select the ones that meet your needs. You have a wide range of options, which is good news. Chances are, you will be able to find a safe that meets all of your security requirements. Here are a few different types:

  • Burglar safes
  • Fire safes
  • Fire file cabinets
  • Drop safes
  • Cash boxes
  • High-security safes

Whether you’re a bank, and HEB, or any other industry in need, there may be special safes designed with your business in mind. Some industry-specific options include hotel safes, bank safes, pharmacy safes, etc.

Determine Whether You Need Burglar Safes

If you want to protect your business from theft, a burglar safe is the way to go. Burglar safes are usually installed to protect cash and valuables. They can be useful in the case of a break-in or an internal theft attempt.

Sometimes, you and your employees will need a certain degree of regular access to the items within the safe. For example, cash deposit boxes can be set up to allow your employees to use them for transactions throughout the day. Your workers can also deposit items into certain drop safes via a slot. For maximum security, you can store this kind of drop safe within a larger safe. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about the slot. Certain depository safe models include anti-fishing mechanisms.

Determine Whether You Need Fire Safes

Fire safes protect against fire, but they might not withstand a robbery. They are excellent when it comes to storing important documents if you are not worried that your files might be taken. In some cases, you can get burglar safes with fire protection.

Consider the Degree of Protection You Need

Safes are available across a broad security-level spectrum. At the most basic level, they will resist certain tools and other items used for break-ins. High-security safes can withstand explosives and power tools. Determine your risk level and choose safes that will give you adequate protection.

Consider the Size and Weight of the Commercial Safes

Safes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some people have certain areas where they want to store valuables, such as under a counter or in an alcove. If that is the case for you, you should choose a safe that will fit into those areas.

The weight of a safe might affect its usefulness to you. Heavy safes are more difficult for thieves to move. However, if there is a chance of your business relocating, a heavy safe might be inconvenient for you. A lighter safe will be easier for you to transport but potentially less secure.

Check the Requirements of Your Insurance Company

Sometimes, your insurance company might require you to have a specific type of safe on your premises. Before you buy your safes, you should check with an agent and note any requirements he or she mentions.

Consult the Experts

We have over 40 years of experience working with safes of all different kinds. We can help you determine the security needs of your business. From there, we can recommend the kind of safes that will be best for you.

Step 2: Have Your Commercial Safes Installed

If your safes are small, you might be able to bring them into your place of business yourself. However, if they are large and difficult to move, a professional company that handles safes can help out. It can also be good to have such a company on hand if you decide to relocate your business.

We have installed safes for many types of businesses, including banks and other places where large cash transactions occur. We can make sure that your safes are installed correctly for maximum security against burglars.

Step 3: Reach Out to the Professionals When Your Safes Need Maintenance

Safes are complicated pieces of equipment, and a lot is at stake when it comes to their care. You want them to function properly to ensure the safety of the valuables they contain. In the case of a lockout, you want to resolve the issue as soon as possible to restore your access.

Keep the Components of the Safes Clean and Functional

Having your safes properly cleaned can increase their lifespan and reduce the likelihood that you will one day find yourself unable to open them. When parts of a safe need repair, we can provide the maintenance work.

We service a wide variety of safe types and understand the care they need. We even work with high-security safes and banking equipment, which requires a high level of expertise. Sometimes, safes just need to have their locking mechanisms lubricated. Other times, some of their parts need to be replaced. We can service the hinges, locks, bolts, doors, electronic elements, etc.

If You Get Locked Out, Don’t Panic

The high level of security provided by a safe sometimes results in an inconvenient lockout for you. If you forget a combination or find that the correct combination just doesn’t work anymore, we can assist you. Even if you encounter trouble with your safe’s electronic parts, we can find a solution. Give us a call, and we will figure out how to get into your safe. Best of all, we believe in fast responses. No matter what time of night or day, we will attend to your situation as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Take Additional Security Measures to Protect Your Business

Don’t Just Rely on the Safes

Beyond the safes, we can provide a comprehensive security system for your business. We offer digital surveillance systems, 24-hour monitoring services, bulletproof glass, and anything else you might need to protect your business.

Rather than resorting to a one-size-fits-all solution, we will customize our services according to your unique security needs. We thoroughly test all the equipment we install to make sure it works perfectly. After we are done implementing our state-of-the-art security system, burglars won’t stand a chance of getting anywhere near your safes.

The Experts In Commercial Safes

Our many years of doing business and our wide client base has given us tremendous expertise regarding commercial safes. We work with banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions that have high-security needs. No situation is too challenging for us, whether it’s the installation of a heavy ATM or a safe that won’t open.

When you decide to get commercial safes for your business, we can help you at every step of the way, from the safe selection to the maintenance. Our surveillance systems can add another layer of protection for your valuables by detecting burglars before they even reach your safes. Contact us at Minuteman Security in Round Rock, TX for the best service regarding your commercial safes. Our business is keeping your business secure.

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